Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Roo-yo 3.0, The Kaizen

I've been very impressed with the aluminum yo-yos out of Italy, so far. The Oxy series and the Plug-in were amazing quality and, in my views, the pinnacle of small run aluminum yo-yos. And the Roo-yo was no exception. The first 2 versions of the Roo-yo (regular sized and the SV, a smaller one) both had dimples in the butterfly curve of the yo-yo, similar to a golf ball. While I don't have much experience with the Roo-Yo i've heard very good things. With this, 3rd version it has the same silicone stub response (S.I.D.R.O. m.s) but no dimples... The odd thing to me is the groove around the rim of the yo-yo. I don't know if this is for a rim o-ring or if it has a specific purpose for a new kind of trick?
weight: 73 gr
diameter: 55 mm
width: 44 mm
gap: 6 mm (large yyj/KK)

A link to the ebay auction is here

Image: Ebay


weber said...

available at your local yyn in the near future! booyakasha!

Lo Zio said...

Any Kaizen are already out and I played a pair.

The one in the picture (and on auction)isn't a Kaizen, it's a proto model called "Pro-to-Yo": you can read in the same auction just 6 pieces were made.

I don't know if Steeeve is still working at this project, but the Kaizen is another yoyo and it has not this groove around the rim.

Anyway, here in Italy we love the RooYos and I'm sure the Kaizen will rock even more!