Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Anti-Yo=The Largest Metal Yo-Yo Manufacturer in the World

So it's official. Kiya is the yo-yo scenes connection to everything good. A lot of us see Kiya at contests and some guy with killer sneakers and nice jeans. What some of you may not know is it goes deeper then that. Kiya is doing the same thing for selvedge denim that he and Sonny did for aluminum yo-yos. Take a very small part of the scene and make it more available, and cool. This article by 3sixteen.com has some very interesting insight on the streetwear culture, a lot of which I see happening with the yo-yo scene. Hype, minimal innovation and a whole lot of the same thing. Kiya has some intereesting comments regarding the mission statement of Ani-Yo...

"It's the same reason I started Anti-Yo; I love the scene so I wanted to have a creative output within the scene and also see where I can take my own company... We make high end expensive metal yoyos, skate decks, clothing, etc. We’re the largest metal yoyo manufacturer in the world, our products are sold in 9 countries and many online stores and we have a team that we travel with all over the world."

All this press, on top it all, yesterday the Busine$$ officially dropped. Can't wait to get mine.

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