Monday, January 15, 2007

Were the hell did Hicoo come from?

I know I just posted about some of the HICOO yo-yos. But then these links came out... These are obviously computer generated renders of what is planned for the yo-yos, which is a disappointment. I would really like to see REAL pictures. The Leo is first up. Now I'm really hip on the idea of yo-yos tailored to peoples specific tastes, but blatantly doing something JUST like the G5 seems a little to "Band Wagon" for me. Not to mention, maybe I'm seeing things, but there's defiantly a "Patent Pending" on the G5 box. Who knows if this will ever see the US market?

Up next on there drop page is the Inca. Basically a 401k-esque shape with a big bearing and recessed pads. Surprise surprise. Laser engraving is pretty detailed looking. But the name and graphics, combined with the same old thing doesn't do anything for me.

Now here is a sweet piece of metal. Or should I say, metals. From the looks of it the Joy has big gold rims bolted onto it. Damn. Wether or not this keeps it balanced is something to be discovered. But it is nice to see them doing something that hasn't been seen apart from the Dif-e-Yo Gladiator. And to top it off, there's also a silver rimmed Joy. Also, from the pictures it looks to have a concave bearing.

Overall, it is nice to see new stuff coming out for every posable player. But apart from posable patent infringement and unoriginal production, the only thing that seems to really pop is the Joy.

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