Friday, January 5, 2007

Mutant Factory

Those crazy Yo-Yo Factory guys, Ben and Hans, are at it again. Black (Stealth) G5's and Pink Mutant G5's. The Stealth G5's have a slightly different pad seat and 100 will be avalable. The Mutant G5 is a slight test/factory error. According to Ben there are around 20. I wish one would show up at my door! Also some other exciting G5 news from the Redline blog:
"The narrow design also gives feel of a regular angular yo-yo rather than the focused rim design which many would percieve has a tendency to hurt the hand. As the evolution continues expect a wider design to issue and potentially even a traditional butterfly shape"

Looks like we'll be seeing more variations of the G5's bearing hub-stacks with new shapes, and some new colors and finishes.

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