Monday, January 8, 2007

Not part of the same old cycle

Radiyoactive has dropped pictures exclusively here at Yo-Yo Two. The Cyclotron is an aluminum body yo-yo straight out of South Africa. Yet another yo-yo put out by the local group headed by Jaco. Kyle Weems also helped with the design of this yo-yo. The aesthetic rims are a very classy touch and the orange really pops. Production run will have laser engraving on it.

Weight: 66g
Bearing: C (max gap size)
Diameter: 55mm
Width: 38mm
Response: Recessed silicone pads (recess is 0.03" deep, so the
silicone pads are slightly recessed and not flush)
Recommended Retail Price: $69
Numbers: 250 total (only 220 available via the normal retail channels,
Dave's Skilltoys, YYN, II, Cowfly Skilltoys and Turf)

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sonny said...

is this one of those "blood yoyos" that they've been talking about on the news?