Friday, January 5, 2007

FurphYo has thrown down in the aluminum yo-yo craze. the RoK looks to be a very wide shaped silicone (or friction sticker) response. You can get it in 3 different finishes, Powdercoat, Annodized or a "candy" coat. The web site does not explain the candy coating, I'd be interested to hear about it.
The one really big thing that makes this yo-yo unique is the drastic shape. Than a Minimotu diameter and width 3mm smaller then a Pyro. Damn. Thats a WIDE yo-yo. And the weight is a mere 55 grams (63 with powder coating, and 57 with anodizing).

Note: The Rok is currently, only available off FurphYo's website.

Image: Yo-Yo Nation and FurphYo

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