Monday, January 1, 2007

From Russia with GOR

First off... yo-yos and 50 cal bullets look pretty bad ass!

One of the exciting things with the Metal trend is that we're seeing yo-yos from all over the world. The Gor by Cold Metal Yo is neat first drop. Heres the info that was posted by [1101]Rus:
Material duralumin D16T
Diameter 54 mm
Width 40 mm
Weight 70g
Bearing 6*13*5

2 interested things about this yo-yo are the material and the bearing towers. The towers are made to hold large bearings. It looks like the bearings are press fit into the tower. Hopefully this will mean a more solid base for the bearings. That was one disappointment with the Miroc for me. The other is Duralumin. Its an aluminum alloy with copper, manganese and magnesium. This results in a very strong, hard aluminum.

Over all its great to see newer communities in the one is Russia making good yo-yos available to the local players.

More pictures of the bearing towers and such can be found here


Hammerin said...

Any info on where to get these?

Flip said...

Well, the first 20 yoyos will be accessible since January, 6th, on a site